The virtue of Temperance

The virtue of Temperance: balance

Hi Readers

I know I do not generally dedicate an entire post to the introduction of the coming strengths, but I feel under the circumstances, this virtue is more applicable than ever and therefore deserves a little more attention and care. Since the outbreak of this pandemic, the world has focused on the extremes. Virtues such as moderation and balance went out of the proverbial window.


During this time of lockdown, and especially in South Africa, we have been living under very strict regulations. Not to mention some very frustrating and confusing restrictions. I think the world of memes has illustrated it best with pictures of the virus waiting exactly 5km from your house. It is therefore not an exaggeration to say that our daily lives and routines have been disrupted. Many of us have even developed a few bad habits during this time. Day time drinking to survive home-schooling. My sister in Australia says, “it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a vineyard to home-school one.”


Speaking for myself, I have found that I have been snacking more. No that is not true. I have been snacking more than I have ever done in my entire life during this period of house arrest. Just to be clear, carrots and celery were not my go-to snack. Add to that the numerous deaths our family has had to deal with, there has been more cases of “eating my feelings” than I would like to admit to. This being said, the bathroom scale, however, has been a real snitch. All my indiscretions are revealed daily by that smug, flat so-and-so. My husband is threatening to hide the scale, or put it into witness protection as he calls it. My dad rather kindly recommended the armed response. I said it is not necessary. I just use the children’s bathroom so I can pretend we dot have a scale.


The virtue of Temperance is mainly about living a healthy and balanced life. Whilst all the other virtues were mostly psychological in nature, this one has a lot of physical features.

This virtue is about bringing much-needed balance back into our lives.

Looking forward to this one.


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