About Me

At university I always said I want my studies to make a difference in the world. My professor retorted by saying “well, then you will be an educated HOBO”; thus the birth of the nickname HoboLiz.

Lizette believes in the science of humanity where she views positive and preventive psychology to be most important. Her approach is to focus on individual strengths as opposed to merely working with pathologies. She teaches coping skills to enable resilience against trauma. Lizette is extremely creative, and she uses this to relate information and/or resolve issues and to offer play therapy to children who have been affected by trauma or learning disabilities.

A further interest is community psychology where she has offered lay counselling. She has also used her creativity to design content and corporate identities, always approaching a client with sensitivity. Her fortes are, among others, strategy development and implementation, intercultural communication, project management, client liaison, and a thorough understanding of research methodology.