Courage Activity


This virtue activity is late because I have been dealing with a minor health challenge. Also, I was guilty of thinking it might not matter too much. I am thrilled to have been proven wrong. I apologise for the setback but I am so happy to have received emails asking for an activity.  It warms my heart to think that you find them of value.

This activity is not an arts and crafts activity, but rather a challenge:


The first challenge is to complete a personality test questionnaire.

This is a test of integrity. Answering the questions in a way that truly reflects you, not answering it in a way that you think you should. Or society would like. Be brutally honest with yourself every step of the way. There are no wrong answers only false ones.


I hope you took the time to explore and read more about what your personality entails. Do you see yourself differently now? Did you know this about yourself before?

Now we can move on.


This challenge is going to test vitality and persistence.

Oh yes! I know… I am as excited as you are about this one.

You must pick three projects that you have either put off, or gave up on, or in my case have been avoiding.

Think about each of these projects carefully. Think about what you have learnt about your personality and why these projects are distasteful to you. The root of the issue if you will. This will help you establish a plan of operation to tackle each task in a meaningful way. Set yourself up for success. It is not simply knuckling down and doing them it is about thinking of a way to get them done in a fun (vitality) sort of way.

My example

I will give you an example from my house and then you can see what I mean:

 I need to repack my linen cupboard. It is in a life-threatening kind of a mess. At any moment something can fall out of it and hurt someone. It is THAT bad.

I hate doing boring tasks, especially alone. As a dreamer and an extrovert, I love being around people so…

This weekend, I plan to make a linen fort with my kids, using EVERYTHING from the linen cupboard.

It will be fun and an opportunity for me to see what is in there.

Good Luck with your three projects.

NOW comes the big boy of challenges. The test of Bravery



Okay, it can be as uninspiring as watching a scary movie, but I hope that you will rather turn this challenge into something more meaningful to your life.

Jumping off a bridge is scary and if it is something you have always wanted to do then go with God.

For this blog though, I was more thinking along the lines of breaking out comfort zones OR setting new boundaries.

End that relationship, or ask for that promotion or transfer. Join that art class or yoga class. Maybe write that book you keep telling people (usually when you’ve been drinking) you are going to write.


It is not about feeling the fear and doing it anyway. It is about rising above fear through common sense and planning.

 Not a peppy slogan I know.

Be smart about your decision, do your research, ask advice, and then take the plunge.

I take no responsibility for what you do or the outcomes of your decisions: Good or Bad!

This is all on you.

I hope you will share with us what you decide and how it goes.

I am challenging myself to start my own business using my knowledge of people and psychology. It is a daunting and scary pronouncement, but this blog has been my first terrifying step. So yes, I still have one thousand other steps to make but I celebrate small victories. I hope you will do the same.