Justice Activity

Since we are in isolation, take the time to do this virtue of justice activity and start your own mini country. Yes, even if you live alone, enjoy the popularity of all your decisions 😉

It All Starts with a name

Everyone living under your roof is a citizen of your country, this includes pets, so you should all decide on a name. This name can be as uninspiring or bizarre as you choose. Also decide on what the citizens of this country will be referred to as. South Africa has South Africans, same deal for your mini country.

A country has territory

Next up, any respectable country has regions and a map. So does your mini country. Remember to be fair. The bathroom region, the bedroom region, now is the time to rename them and map them down. Like many regions, there is not always a physical boundary, so feel free to get creative with your allocations. It is up to you how you address the issue of mapping. Use a copy of actual plans, or draw your own- have fun with it.

Who will lead your country?

You will also need a government. Will you have a monarchy, a democracy or a republic? The list is not exhausted, go try Google. How will the voting system work, and who will be eligible to vote? What will the role and responsibilities of your government be? How long will the term be of selected officials? If you have children, I recommend short terms of office for the fun of it, or at least give each member of the family a position within government. The government will also have to relate the laws and regulations of this country to its people and how these laws will be enforced. Will you have a judicial system?


Finally, your country needs a flag and or a coat of arms and an anthem. This anthem can be composed by you, or you can use a medley or write new words to and existing song or you can just use an existing song as is. Your choices are endless. The flag however, requires creativity. It has to be representative of your mini country. It has to mean something to you all. Once it is designed, I trust it will be given a place of honour for all citizens to see.

Bond with other Nations

Foreign relations are important so form alliances with other countries- virtually please since everyone should have a travel ban implemented now. If Grandma and Grandpa are not in the mood to form their own country, I am sure there are grandchild consultants who would be happy to assist in matters of state.

Please have fun with this, make your home, really your own space. Have an official flower if you want or a cuisine, special ‘holidays’ or traditions. Go wild! I hope whatever you do, you will share with us on this blog. It will be fun to be a group of United Nations working together towards safety and wellbeing.

Some questions to get the creative juices flowing?

Name combinations? Your surnames spelt backwards? If you were a colour what colour would you be- not the same as your favourite colour. Favourite inside joke? Common mistakes people make with your surname or address? What rhymes with a place you have always wanted to visit? What would your dog, cat or canary suggest? Your favourite movie in a word?

Goodbye and Good Luck!