Here she leaves her footprints. She yells “I lived”
Gone but never forgotten.
From: Cherine Scheepers

From great love comes great pain. This is so beautiful and powerful. How do we process this? Make sense of it? Accept? Understand? Do we just live with it? We love you, Marisa.

Two peas one pod
From Karmine van Tonder

“Missie was a lioness, a force of a girl to be reckoned with. She had a wickedly delicious sense of humor and a creative flair that came out in her fashion and her designs. She was an amazing aunty and the love between her and your kids was clear as day. I know she is your best friend as well as your sister.

She was taken too soon and we’ll never know why. Instead, remember the loyalty, love, cuddles, jokes, even fights (because let’s face it, that’s part of being human and certainly part of being siblings). We will miss Missie. We are here for you guys and love you. “

Partners in crime
From Anonymous

Al wat die lewe draaglik maak;

Al wat die dood nooit kan steel:

Die liefde van mens tot mens, en die troos

Van harte in trou onverdeel

W.E.G. Louw

Love remains
From Simone Halleen

Dear Liz and family

I am deeply saddened to hear about Missie’s passing. There simply are no words to offer comfort at this time. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers not just today, but every day of this journey. Missie was both feisty and tender-hearted. It is impossible not to feel her presence and want to keep her spirit alive. She truly left her mark on everyone blessed enough to know her.

I was fortunate to meet Missie when she was still in school and to witness some of her growing up. Despite challenges Missie grew up to be a formidable young lady. She never allowed any hurdles to stand in the way of her happiness and the achievement of her goals. In this respect I learned so much from her and I strive to be a better person because of her. Missie had such a strong sense of self for such a young person. She had more integrity than anyone else I know. She always stuck by her beliefs and values no matter what and was not ashamed to show it.

While Missie was strong and resilient, there was also a softness to her. Missie accepted me from the get go. She was always kind to me. We had little private conversations that none of you know about. I felt that Missie understood me and my moodiness in a way that few people do. She never showed any judgement towards me, just understanding and empathy. I always left a conversation with Missie feeling better about myself.

I will always be inspired by Missie’s impeccable taste and flair. No special occasion will ever go by without wondering how Missie would have planned it. Her love and personal touch would be in every detail, but it was her beauty and wittiness that really made it special. I will never be able to listen to an Elvis song without remembering her fondly. And I think it’s time to dust off the leopard print and red nail polish! As the days go by I remember many of her little observations and how wise she was way beyond her years. She truly was an old soul.

Missie was loved and cherished and always will be.

Thank you for sharing her life with me.

May she rest safely in Jesus’ arms.

All my love,


Beer tasting at the Spice Route
From Madelaine

My name is Madelaine and I used to go to primary school with Marisa. I recently found out of her passing and I would just like to show my respect and send condolences to your family.

We have many fond memories of her and we were deeply saddened by the news. Some memories of her dad owning the pharmacy in Benmore, the fluffy dogs she always loved, loads of playdates together and just her beautiful personality.

We wish you and your family some healing and hope that you will get understanding in this sad time.

from STephan Koen

“The smile that changed my life”

Miss, since the day that you passed away up until now, I still can’t fathom why you should’ve been the one being taken away from us. A person with so much potential, so much passion, so much love and the one who saved my life.

Since the day our love began to blossom, I’ve become a better man because of you. My life was a never-ending cycle of torment, but when I saw your smile for the first time, my smile never ended. You always supported me, you stood by me in the darkest times, you fought battles like a warrior princess and had the most unconditional love and passion for our relationship. You taught me what love really feels like and you were the light in my tunnel, your never-ending smile changed my life. Thank you for being my partner and choosing me as a best friend, as my life is truly not the same without you. You were not ordinary or unique, you were extraordinary, a force to be reckoned with. My life would definitely not be the same If I never had the chance to get to know you. I choose to fill my heart with memories of our lives together and every tear that is shed is a tear of happiness as I was lucky enough to know you, Miss. I will always remember your kindness, loving heart, the most beautiful eyes that swept me off my feet, and the most strong and wonderful woman that I could call “Engel”.

from Nicholas Dohmen

My variation on the poem from 10 Things I Hate About You

I loved the way you talked to me
And the way you cut your hair
I loved the way you drove nuts
I loved it when you stared

I loved your fashion sense
And the way you read my mind
I loved you so much it made me sick
It even made me rhyme.

I loved the way you were always right
I loved it when you played the fool
I loved it when you made me laugh
but hate it now that it’s made me cry

I hate it that you’re not around
And the fact that you don’t call
But mostly I hate the way you can’t be with me any longer
You’re no longer close, not even a little bit, not even at all

Madeleine & Karen

Liefste tannie
So verskriklik jammer om te hoor van Missie, my hart breek vir julle. Stuur baie liefde en sterkte vir julle in hierdie verskriklik hartseer tyd. 🤗😘
Madeleine, Karen se mammma


Hello Mr and Mrs Scheepers. Liz shared the devastating news about Missy and I’ve been wanting to message you for some time, I’ve just been struggling to find the “right” words to use. The truth is there are no words I can use to help ease your pain , or offer any understanding as to why this happened to Missy. I think about your family each and every single day and I can only hope that as Missy rests in peace, in time, you can find yours. I’m sending you all my love and strength for the days, months and years ahead as you try to navigate your physical world without Missy in it. I am so truly sorry for your loss and am heartbroken for your family and for Missy. Look after each other through this difficult time and be gentle with your self. All my love , Natalie ❤

From Gert Van Tonder

Ai pragtige tribute page <3 <3 Ek love veral die laaste foto van Missie – haar disgusted face is so cute!!! Ek onthou toe ons daar was en sy ingekom het en vertel oor haar PC wat totaal #$%#$% was!! (my engelse girl kon die Afrikaans mooi daar verstaan!).

Lots of love, never will your legend fade away Missie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

from Febe Van tonder

Liefste Missie

Ek kan uiteindelik vir jou dankie sê vir die kombersie!

Toe klein Anton gebore is, het jy vir hom twee sagte kombersies gegee – ‘n beige een en so sagte groen ene. Janine het baie kombersies persent gekry, want hy is reg in die middel van die winter gebore. Sy het toe gevra of jou twee kombersies hier by ons kon bly, dat hulle minder van ‘n pakkasie kon hê elke keer as hulle hier kom kuier.
Ek het die beige ene vir my gedêps en elke keer so bietjie skuldig gevoel as ek jou gesien het.

Ek kry maklik koud, veral my voete. Dan gooi ek in die winter, sommer so voor ek gaan slaap al, jou kombersie oor die voetenent van die bed. Ek gebruik hom ook baie keer om die koue af te weer as ek by my lessenaar sit en werk.

Toe ons kinders was, het ons elkeen ‘n trooskombersie gehad. Ons het nêrens gegaan daarsonder nie. Ek weet nie wat van myne geword het nie, maar ek kan presies onthou hoe het hy gelyk.

Nou het jóú kombersie my trooskombersie geword teen die koue-seer. Die seer van die wete dat ek nie weer jou borrellaggie gaan hoor nie; nie weer die ondeunde vonkel in jou oë gaan sien nie; nie weer uit my maag gaan lag vir jou skerp spitsvondigheid nie.

Ek het intussen nog ‘n groot hartseer bygekry – my boetie het besluit hy wil vroeër na Jesus toe gaan. Daar was dae wat al die pyn vir my net té veel geword het. Dan het ek my gesig in jou kombersie gedruk en geskree-tjank tot ek te moeg was om verder te huil. (Ek moes die kombersie al drie keer was.)

Jy sien Missie, nie net troos jy my indirek nie, maar jou lewe is ook vir my ‘n inspirasie. As JY elke keer kon opstaan uit die pyn van die klappe wat die lewe jóú toegedien het, kan ek dit ook mos doen. Met Jesus my Verlosser en Trooster se hulp.

Dankie vir my kombersie.

Baie liefde tot by jou in die ewigheid.
Tannie Fébé

Sharing laughs and stories xx
From Corinne

Grief, I’ve learned, is really just love. It’s all the love you want to give, but cannot. All that unspent love gathers up in the corners of your eyes, the lump in your throat, and in that hollow part of your chest. Grief is just love with no place to go – Jamie Anderson

From Frances du Plessis

Liewe Missie,

Jy was my bff vir baie jare lank, van laerskool tot ons hele loopbaan van hoërskool, ons het baie belangrikke tye saam met mekaar deur gebring van groot word. Daar is so baie goed wat ek nooit sal vergeet en lewenslesse wat my die persoon gemaak het wie ek vandag is.

Ons gunsteling uitstappies Sandton City toe, of dit nou vir shopping was, movies of n wimpy date ons was altyd dressed to the nines vir ons outings… wel so het ons gedink as ek nou terug kyk na ons wardrobe keuses weet ek nie, maar nou ja was seker fashion destyds of ons het net gedink ons is cool!

Ons na skool musiek in ons Ma’s se karre van my Ma se Enrique Iglesias en jou Ma se Elvis. Ons fabulous flip phones wat ons altyd in touch gehou het die kere wat ons nie saam was nie en dit was ook nie baie nie! Een naweek by my en die ander by jou. Ons het tennis gespeel, ghost pops geëet liters en liters Schweppes lemon lite gedrink en Mario Karts video games gespeel. Ons het altyd awesome garage parties gehou en vakansies saam by die see.

Hoërskool het soms baie ander elemente in gebring wat ek wens nie was nie, maar spuit kom te laat en ek hoop net dat alhoewel ons paaie mekaar nooit weer terug gebring het na skool nie beteken dit nie dat ek nooit aan jou gedink het nie of gewonder hoe dit met jou gaan. Elke jaar op die 14de April as ek my Ma geluk wens dink ek aan jou ook.

Mens kan regtig nie weet hoekom dinge gebeur soos dit doen nie, met nog so baie om te gee en so baie om te doen… maar vir my het jy a baie groot gedeelte van my lewe lifelong memories gegee en jy was my eerste beste vriendin. Mag jy asb nog altyd daar wees in een of ander manier vir jou familie al is dit in n manier wat nie gewens is nie. Vou jou liefde van daar bo styf om hulle elke dag en nag!

Ek het iets gelees wat ek graag sal wil deel met jou familie.

“Grief I’ve learned, is really just love.
It’s all the love you want to give but cannot.
All of that unspent love gathers in the corners of your eyes, the lump in your throat, and the hollow part of your chest.
Grief is just love with no place to go.” -unknown

Ek wil ook graag aan jou en jou geliefdes n song dedicate… en natuurlik sal dit iets wees van Elvis, die liedjie se naam is Life.

So long Missie, dit was n eer om jou te ken!

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