Since my sister’s passing, I have been using poetry as an outlet for all my emotions and heartache. They are mostly what people will describe as ‘depressing,’ because sadness is the overriding emotion I am dealing with right now. I am putting my feelings on display to show you that no emotion is good or bad, it just is. I am not ashamed of my grief, or the vulnerabilities that come with the grieving process. I hope that as time passes my poetry will explore other emotions.

If you enjoy writing or want to give poetry a try, please send me your work and I will publish it for you on this site. This time of lockdown and isolation is the perfect time for reflection and writing. I earnestly encourage you to try.


For Missie

Write about you

Pieces of Peace

Ode To A Tragedy

Mom and I cried

Me as a Clown

Cut in Half

My forest of dead Birches

I am

Finding the light

Oh Sister

Saying Goodbye

What I hope you’d say