Finding the light

How does one find the light in the dark?

Through a switch or a match?

The waning moon emancipates the brightest stars

But their celestial light does not touch our solid earth

No matter how intense their light or how near they are

Distance prevents their light from illuminating our blue sphere.

That is how it feels deep within my soul

As if no light can find its way through my darkness.

The darkness that has come over me in your absence.

It is not your fault, nor is it mine.

The distance between life and death is too far, I fear.

In truth my mind is what keeps the darkness of space.

It is the lurking shadow below the surface.

The camouflaged quick sand of desolation and despair

The more I struggle the more I stifle

It is my mind that knows you are not there.

The moon needs the sun in order to be seen

Without its light the moon in a displaced piece of rock.

A lost spiritual talisman trapped in orbit.

The tide needs the shore to have its cycles.

Low tide or high tide means nothing without the sand.

It tells of where the waters have been and where they are going.

Where will my light come from?

Darkness brings such comfort.

Where will my healing come from?

Pain has become my purpose.

Sorrow my finest companion.

My grief is the proof of a love that is undying

Impervious is our immortal bond.

I am the moon and you were the sun.

Now I am the moon and you the distant stars.

Galaxies away from piercing my darkness.

I was the ocean and you were the shore.

Now my tears bring the tides of water

And my writing has become the sand.

My darkness has no source of light anymore

But out from inside it, new things are born.

Like the story in Genesis

First there was nothingness.

Only darkness.

For me the darkness remains.

I accept it now.

I embrace it.

I wait for that one single spark

That will come as time decides.

The singularity that will ignite my darkness.

The explosion to give it form.

Your passing, my sun, killed my light

Like stellar death leaves a black hole.

Still you will always be a sun to me,

Shining your light in another galaxy

And I will become the waxing moon

Slowly evolving to a new and different form.