Who are you grief?
How strange you are.
You have a name
But no description.
No face.
No body.
No limits.
Nothing can contain you.
Oh grief.
Why do we fear death
When death is temporary?
Grief is eternal.
You are ever present.
From birth we grieve for that which is lost.
The ultimate destroyer.
The defiler of dreams.
The vandal of hope.
The enemy of peace.
Grief transforms,
Grief transfers,
Grief transitions,
But grief never abates.
Grief grabs hold,
Grief multiplies,
Grief mutates to our sells.
Faceless grief
You serve no master.
You offer nothing.
You give nothing
You take nothing.
You do not seek,
You do not find,
You do not release.
Grief you are relentless.
Grief you are without mercy.
We adapt,
We change,
We grow,
But always there you are