Cut in Half

I thought I was okay
but I am not.
I am not okay in any way.

I am afraid.
I am afraid of facing this life without you.
I am afraid of the loneliness without you.
I am only half a coin without you.

What good is half of anything?
Half of an apple goes brown
Half a pearl holds no value.
Half a muscle holds no strength.
Half of a puzzles is discarded
Half of the yin is a universe out of wake.
Half of life is half closer to death.
Half of death is no comfort
And it certainly is no life at all.

You were the white queen to my black.
The B two to my B one.
The wimba to my whe.
You were my action half.
My creative half.
My power half.
My courage half.
My humour half
My brighter half.
My beacon half.
You were the half that no one could ever replace.
It was you and me against the world.
Now there is only me.
And I am only half.

What the f#ck am I meant to do without you now?