Oh, Sister!

Oh Sister

Oh sister

What a little word for such a great oath

A bond extends beyond all realms of understanding.

A word with religious connotations

But so sacred it eludes the shackles of religion.

No man-made interpretation of God

could ever comprehend the supremacy of women’s mute beliefs.

A word to denote celestial constellations

But ignorant of the immense beauty of sisterhood.

The universe and her galaxies in all their splendour

Could never outshine the devotion between sisters.

Oh Sister

Oh sister

How could this tiny word illustrate one soul

Operating outside of two bodies?

A word that is haphazardly turned into a collective noun

For women with a shared purpose.

How it fails to realise the unspoken truths

rooted within such intertwined minds and instincts.

A cumbersome word to link two little girls

With familial blood flowing through their veins.

Blind to their mutual existence and the

Core of their eternal connection.

Oh Sister

Oh sister!

How could they ever know?

There are no words that measure up to the value of sister

Nor describe its existential and ethereal wonder.

I am you and you are I

And we were us before we met.

No man could write

No man could design

A love such as ours

No man could recognise

No man could forge

A union such as ours.

A man can rape and plunder

But he will never discover treasure such as sister.

A man can dictate, abuse, dominate but he will

Never ever yield anything to that of sister.

Fate has deemed man unworthy of the gift

Shown him to be unintelligible for the knowledge

And proven man unequal to the love of sister.

Therein lies his failure, his weakness, and his mortality.

Oh Sister

Oh sister

Man can never be sister.

Man is oblivious of such force as the might of sisters.

It is unbreakable, unbending, unyielding and indescribable.

Oh Sister

Oh sister

Even in death you remain my sister.

Even though men have hurt you, betrayed you,

Tried to destroy you; you remain unchanged.

Even in death our love remains unaltered. No matter

Of the men who have loved you, or tried to protect you.

None of them could keep you. None of them could ever own you.

You are still my sister, and I am yours.

Death does not part us; lifetimes will connect us still.

We are immortal sisters.

Our sisterhood outlives all

Our sisterhood outshines any

Our sisterhood out-loves every

My heart breaks without you here

But even in its pieces it is still with you in this life

And the next.

Oh sister

Our sister

My sister

My heart is with you and yours is with mine.