Pieces of Peace

So you're gone
I think I've made peace with that.
Or is it piece?
Because it doesn't always last.

What do I feel?
If only I knew?
Can't set my location.
No one can find me
Because I am not sure I'm missing.

Nothing is what it was
Nothing was what it is now
Nothing is something I suppose
Nothing is more than something
When that something comes from nothing.
It is just all words now.

Not the way you used words.
You used words like no one else.
You understood my words.
Without hearing.
Do you still?

What is in sense?
What is sense?
What is feeling?
I'm not angry
Although I wish I was.
I am not sad
Although that's a lie
I stopped crying.
Not sure why.

I feel at peace for a piece of a second.
We will never be the old we were going to be.
We will never be the old we thought
We will always only be the old we got.
We were never going to be the old we ought.
It was never going to be the old of the plan.
I understand that now.
I am at peace with that.

Now I will only be the old I am
The old I am going to be.
I will never know the old I got.
Do you?

You will never be old.
But you will never be young.
You just cease.
You exist in memory only.
Timeless ageless.
Not the cliche
Only the you.
Only the you I knew.
Only the you who knew me.

We will never be old
But we had each other briefly
And I am at peace with that.