What I hope you’d say

I didn’t mean to leave you
Especially without saying goodbye
If I could do it all again
and if I knew, I certainly would try

I wish that I could tell you all
That I am perfectly okay.
The pain and fear is gone
I am at peace is what I’d say.

When I look down on you
I love to see you smile.
I like to see you forget to mourn
Even if it is just for a while.

Sometimes I look down
And then I see you cry
You call my name in despair
And I can’t help wondering why.

I guess up here it is different
Sadness is something we forget.
We see all life as it should be
So please let go of your regret.

It is unlike anything you can imagine here
I wish I could make you understand
But then again it is like asking the foot
To fully know the hand.

Here we know no day or night.
We exist in pure happiness.
Our lives, our memories are all but gone
We only remember the love and bliss.

I wait for you with joy
But for now I want you to live
Life is a precious gift of time
So please learn to forgive.

I may not tell you
How long you have to live
I can only say live life
With all you have to give.

Live a life of meaning
Live a life that’s free
And when you think of love
I hope that you will also think of me.

Remember me for who I was
Remember me at my best.
Think only of my happy days
And please forget the rest.

I really do have to go
Up here there is lots to do.
I probably will not speak again
Just know that I love you.