Saying Goodbye

I remember remember

The 8th of August

The women’s day invite I got.

We were both undecided

Because we felt so derided,

but in the end we won over the lot.

I remember the laughter

and the inside jokes.

The bubbles and wine tasting

with pompous folks.

I remember far best

More than all the rest

Our sisterhood shining so clear

Our sisterhood shining so clear

I remember remember

The Stellenbosch views

With its green and grey hues

Your laughter filling the air.

Drinking more than should

and sharing more than we would

smoking Camels without a care.

The world was ours and time was forever

or at least so we thought.

With Our sisterhood shining so clear

Our sisterhood shining so clear

Though in my mind the laughter still echoes

and our one-liners remain,

nothing can ever be the same.

I remember remember

The ‘poppies’ were there

and how we giggled at the stories they shared.

I remember so well the plastic plant that we stole

and how you said that no one would care.

I remember remember

How we planned it all over

How we would do it every year.

And my only regret is that we did forget

And that we never had a day like that again.

The world was ours and time was forever

Or at least so we thought

With Our sisterhood shining so clear

Our sisterhood shining so clear

I remember remember

My heart was so full

with excitement and pride.

But beyond it all, though we had a ball,

There was love we never could hide.

That is how I remember that day

Now with sadness and dismay

How our sisterhood was shining so clear

Our sisterhood was shining so clear

Every morning I awake

With a split second break then it al comes flooding back.

I remember remember

The 5th of April.

By far the very worst day.

I miss you with every breath

And the silence you left

And our sisterhood buried in its own grave.

They want me to move on

but I am afraid I am not that strong.

So instead I start building my gate,

whilst quietly accepting my fate.

I put on my smile to appease their fears

And use long showers to hide my tears.

I write nothingness poems like this

That recall our feminine sisterhood bliss.

It’s just something fun for them all to read.

but the truth remains completely unchanged.

That without you I am totally and utterly lost.

This will be last of the poems I fear

For the rest of my thoughts are much to dear.

I will keep my feelings and memories deep inside,

the same place I keep everything else I hide.

I will not think of you again I swear

for the pain is more than I can bare.

Our sisterhood will never shine again.

I will return to what is required of me

And all of our dream that will never be

The things I wish I could forget.

Well those my sister-friend

Will have to come to an end

And so it is time to say…

“Remember, remember, the Fifth of November

Gunpowder treason and plot.

I see no reason, why gunpowder treason

Should ever be forgot…….”