Ode To A Tragedy

The world is colder today
Than yesterday
The sun is weaker
And the shadows stronger
But no one noticed.
The world is darker today
Than yesterday
The stars are missing
And the moon is waning
But no one noticed.
The word is lonelier today
Than yesterday
The silence is overbearing
And faces are fading
But no one noticed.
The world is uglier today.
The air is thicker.
Flowers are duller.
The fawna in hiding.
Songs have lost their harmony
Food has lost its flavour.
Hope lost its purpose
And love its joy
And no one noticed.
You quietly slipped away
And no one noticed.
No half masts
No funeral garbs.
No town crier
No moment of silence.
There was no grave
Only ash remains.
How did no one notice?
I noticed.
I notice every day
Every second.
Every breath
Every thought.
I notice your absence.
I mourn the loss.
I will not forget